Do The Math

At one time or another, I am sure someone gave you the terse advice to “Do the Math”, as you were wrestling with the correct course of action on a particular matter. The reason I bring this timeworn adage up, is to encourage you to do just that when you weigh the price/benefit values of our new line of Liposomal Vitamins & Supplements.

As an example, a quick Google search says that a bottle of Vitamin C will run you anywhere from $5 to $10 (60 tablets- 1000 mg) while in reality you are only getting 160 mg (16% max absorption) per dose. Theoretically, you would have to spend 6 times that amount to achieve the 1000 mg dose. Except, the 16% rule is still in effect. Someone much smarter than I am would have to tell you the exact intervals at which to take your 1000 mg doses daily to achieve the goal of a true absorption of 1000 mg. Hint: I wouldn’t bet on it being 6 times. If it were only 6 times/day, that 60 capsule supply would not go very far. The same logic would apply to all the other Lipo vitamins & supplements.

Of these Lipo supplements, the “BioAvailability (absorption) factors” range from 5 to 20 times greater than traditional forms of delivery, e.g., capsule, tablet, liquid or powder. Using the Vitamin C example that we cited above we have an uncomplicated way to achieve 100% BioAvailability of 1000 mg by simply adding a tsp. of the Lipo liquid to your favorite juice or smoothie.

Any past or present athlete will attest to the benefits of an initial “loading up” of any supplement or nutrient and then decreasing the amount to an on-going regimen level…

Do the Math!!

Example: 1000 mg LipoVitamin C (100% BioAvailability!!)

Month          Amount                  x/mo.           Cost/mo.
1 (load)        1ml/day                  30                $27.00
2 (regimen)   Skip a day              15                $13.50

When you start by getting 6 times the normal absorption of any other method of delivery of Vitamin C, I do not feel as though it is a stretch to recommend adopting an every-other-day regimen to save money. Obviously, the same logic applies to the other 4 Lipo products as well. Do yourself a favor, watch the animation, and read the product descriptions.

Your partner in good health,