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Welcome to mywellnesswarehouse.com, your natural source for premium neutraceuticals and whole-body wellness solutions. We offer a wide range of natural and organic products, including highly potent neutraceuticals, organic super-fruit juice powders, organic sprouted Brassica (Leafy green vegetable) freeze dried powders and much more. All of which is listed on the left side of the screen page. Helping you achieve optimal wellness at an affordable price is our mission – and we fulfill it by consistently delivering only the highest quality, most scientifically advanced, natural formulas available. Our products are all made from pure ingredients, measured to provide the highest beneficial potency, and guaranteed free of additives or preservatives. Coming soon: A separate category of Organic Nitric Oxide (NO) Stimulators. Bob Gerwer, Founder of MyWellnessWarehouse.com, has been in the natural foods industry for over 18 years. If we operated a storefront, he’d be thrilled to show you around personally. But since we maintain a virtual warehouse to keep costs low, we hope you’ll accept this letter as a virtual tour — and our wholesale prices as a warm welcome.

Here’s Bob
Hello. Our parent company (Gerwer Foods, Inc.) has been selling to the Retail Natural Foods channel since 1991. The main focus is in bulk nuts, dried fruits, and other natural and organic foods. About eight years ago, we were introduced to Dr. Marcel Moheb, PhD, (Physics), Neuroscience, Naturopathics, who among other things was the original (and still only) importer of the organic goji berry from Tibet to the U.S. The main thrust of this site is to bring Doctor Moheb’s line of neutraceuticals to you, the consumer, at warehouse (think wholesale) prices.

I’d have to say that Dr. Moheb is probably one of the more altruistic persons I’ve met over the years. He has developed: a 99% bacteria free water filter for use in Third World countries; an EPA designated “food safe” process to render most edible foods free of e-coli & salmonella and lectures frequently to both medical and naturopathic groups in the Middle East and Africa. About a year ago, Dr. Moheb began showing me the different wellness solutions he was developing. His main goal has always been to offer a line of neutraceutical products to alternative medicine health professionals and medical doctors who (more and more) see effective wellness solutions coming from sources other than the pharmaceutical industry. I’ve accepted the privilege of bringing this line of products, marketed under the brand name PAIR®, directly to you, at the best affordable prices possible.

Why sell these products on the Internet and not through the traditional retail channel? For starters, we have almost 100 wellness solutions. In the best case scenario, we might be able to expose you to three or four products through the retail channel, at considerable cost to us — and, in the long run, to you as the end user. And that’s assuming you even found us on the shelf among the hundreds of other companies’ offerings. It’s a crowded playing field out there, and even though the PAIR products have been available mainly to the health professional, they have never before been sold directly to the general public.

As you explore our site, which organizes wellness solutions according to the biological systems within the body, you will quickly become aware that this is not the place to find solutions for quick weight loss; designer steroids; erectile dysfunction (we do offer help in this area but it’s not a “viagra-type magic bullet) hangovers or other trendy “remedies” of that ilk. Nearly all of the products on this site are “neutraceutical-grade” in potency. Except for a few of our wellness solutions, the absorption/efficiency rate is increased almost threefold through the use of isotonic methodology in the formulating process. Though this process is used in parts of Europe and Asia on a limited basis, it’s rarely used here in the U.S., due mostly to the additional cost it adds to the finished product. We have recently also begun to offer a few products using liposomic methodology, which is another delivery system methodology .

Print this letter, or write down those bits of information and check out some labels (and prices) at your friendly health store and on the Internet. Take your time; we’ll still be here when you get back on-line.

Also, as you travel through the site, you will notice some products listed in more than one biological system. We purposely did this to make sure that a product that is beneficial to multiple systems is brought to your attention.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and learn more about our products. I truly hope we can be of help in your search for solutions to help you to achieve personal optimum wellness.

Oh, by the way, what is the first thing you do when you are considering the purchase of a supplement at your favorite retail outlet? Would you agree that (“read the label”) would be at the top of your list? Well, you’re in luck!! We combine the ease of shopping (internet) with the only advantage of actually going to the store (“read the label”)!! It’s simple, when you click on the “learn more” button on any product, you go to a second page, which is filled with all pertinent information on that product. If you look to the left, you will see a picture of the product. Under that picture, are images of both the label and the nutritional information box. Simply click on either of these images and “read the label”!

Bob Gerwer 

Ps Look for my comments/suggestions throughout the site. (*—-*)

*“These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”